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OS X thoughts given  
Monday, March 26, 2001 | by
Todd Buchanan upgraded his Mac Titanium Powerbook to OS X late last week and sends these thoughts:

Thursday, March 22 - I was able to get my hands on Mac OS X today after Staples Office Supply stores started stocking them on their shelves before the Saturday release. (These folks don't have a clue about Mac they just put it out there...I think Steve J is probably having a cow!).

I loaded OSX on my TiBook 400 and everything went fine.

About that TiBook: I've had the TiBook now for several weeks and it is great. The PCICMA slot (although only type II) is much improved over the Pismo. When I got my Pismo it took all of two weeks to break the stupid little plastic eject button (which required replacing the whole PCICMA card cage). On the TiBook, it is a metal eject button that doesn't pop out until you depress it, so it is much less likely to break off.

Also, I'd be interested in running some bench marks on the PCICMA slot since it seems MUCH faster at previews using Photo Mechanic and copying files to the HD! What do you use to do your bench marks? Back to OS X: Unfortunately, I hate to report that OSX (contrary to Jobs assertions that PC cards would be supported) does not recognize several different important photoj PC Cards, including IBM Microdrives! I tried several versions (340 & 1 Gig) and no luck...tried a Canon 16 mg CF card (that came with the D30) and no luck. You have to switch back to OS 9.1.

Here is a web link to locate those drives that are supported at the moment:

You can also get other info on supported software/hardware from this page.

I'll try to get you some more input on real world performance of Classic apps (Pshop, etc) tomorrow.

Friday, March 23 - Some more info on my initial test with OSX: I was able to get the IBM Micro Drives to mount using the Datafab Card reader on Native Mac OSX...The card shows up on the desktop as "No_Name" (rather than untitled in the past) The firewire drivers there seem to be pretty robust, but when you go to Classic to use Photo Mechanic, it does not show up on the Classic (or OS 9.1) desktop. So my work around was to just drag or copy the files over to the hard drive...(either classic or OSX areas of the drive) and work from there.  

Still no luck using the PCMCIA Card slot on the TiBook.

Photo Mechinc fired up fine, but it did ask for my registration information again, so have that handy...

Photoshop 5.5 wouldn't load when I had the old OS 9.1 settings of memory alocation set at 600 Mgs, but when I dropped it down to 400 mgs. it fired right up. (even though I have 1.35 Gigs on the Desktop unit) Speed was good, seemed equal to or better than regular OS 9.1, as far as I could tell in arbitraty rotations, unsharp masking and Quantum Mechanic Pro operations, maybe a little faster in others.

Since I like to use Full Screen Mode with Menu Bar to look over images, I was a bit annoyed that it seemed to start acting a little flaky when using the Apple & + key or Apple & - key would magnify once and then not go up or down after that. (once again this is under Pshop 5.5). It seemed to magnify and reduce just fine in Standard Screen Mode.

I'll let you know if I come across anything else..

Monday, March 26 - A few additional thoughts:

As I mentioned the DataFab Card reader sees the Microdrives quickly, as a matter of fact, when you eject the disk, the Firewire on OSX sometimes recognizes it again before you have a chance to eject it! In the past this may have caused Desktop coruption, in this case, I just drag the ghost disk to the trash and it ejects it just problem.

Also, I could be wrong, but the transfer rate seemed to be better than under OS 9.1.

Also: I just finished printing from OS X to my Epson 2000P via USB connection using Photoshop in Classic Mode! While OS X may not support it directly, I was still able to print to the Epson 2000. Photoshop screen redraw was a little flaky after that, but it still functioned.

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