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Canon EOS 20D added to CF Performance Database  
Tuesday, October 12, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

The CompactFlash Performance Database on this site has been updated with results for the Canon EOS 20D. In addition to testing the complete kit of CompactFlash cards currently on hand, we've also included several new ones that have arrived here recently.

Cards that are new to the CompactFlash Performance Database and tested in the EOS 20D are:

  • ATP 1GB 45X
  • Delkin eFilm PRO 1GB
  • Delkin eFilm PRO 2GB
  • Delkin eFilm PRO 4GB
  • Kingston Elite PRO 2GB
  • PNY 512MB
  • Sandisk Extreme III 1GB (engineering sample)
  • Sandisk Ultra II 4GB

As you'll see, the camera might be more aptly named the Sandisk EOS 20D, given the large gap in write speed performance between Sandisk's quickest CompactFlash cards and all others. The Extreme and original Ultra II line, as well as the engineering sample Extreme III card, are essentially unchallenged for write speed supremacy in this camera.

Not reported are results for Lexar 80X second edition CompactFlash cards. These cards are still not shipping to our knowledge (this based on information from Lexar earlier this month), and the engineering sample units we have here pre-date the release of the 20D. We're concerned, therefore, that these cards may not be representative of production-level 80X second edition cards when they ultimately hit store shelves. The Lexar 80X first edition 1GB card we did test trails the Sandisk leaders by a significant margin, so it will be interesting to see if Lexar can close the gap with the 80X second edition.

We've also updated the card-to-computer section of the CompactFlash Performance Database with results for the new cards. As you'll see, the 1GB and/or 2GB cards from ATP, Delkin and Kingston, all of which utilize Samsung components, show pretty healthy throughput in this test. Here again, however, Sandisk's Extreme III, Extreme and original Ultra II cards continue to offer the quickest transfer of photos to the computer of any cards we've ever tested.

The new CompactFlash cards from ATP, Delkin, Kingston, PNY and Sandisk will be run through the other cameras we're actively testing as soon as possible, though other work commitments may prevent us from completing this task until early November 2004.

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