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Public beta of Photo Mechanic 4.4.1 available for testing  
Thursday, December 22, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Camera Bits today has released a public beta version of Photo Mechanic v4.4.1 for Windows and Mac. The list of changes noted in the included Read Me are:

  • The Revert TIFF-based RAW to original command now has an option to backup a photo’s existing IPTC/XMP (e.g. embedded by Photo Mechanic 4.4+) into an XMP sidecar file.

  • Update IPTC/XMP now synchronizes the tag and color class between a RAW+JPEG pair.

  • RAW+JPEG can now join across folders.  Add the folder containing RAW photos to a contact sheet along with the folder containing JPEG photos.  If the names match then the RAW and JPEG photos can be joined as RAW+JPEG pairs.  This is very useful for the Update IPTC/XMP command and image preferences like tag and color class.

  • Fixed problems with certain variables used for folder naming in Ingest.

  • (Windows) Fixed several problems and made improvements to the Favorites and Navigator panes.  Fixed a problem with drag & drop to Favorites folder not copying to the correct folder.  Creating a new folder in the Navigator now makes the folder visible and selects it for renaming.  Drag reordering of Favorites now shows an insertion indicator.

  • Added a new “Remember folders...” command that remembers the state of a multi-folder contact sheet as a Favorite that can later be launched.

  • Added a checkbox to Contact Sheet pane of the Preferences dialog that allows you to turn off the generation of high-quality thumbnails for speedy browsing of large TIFF photos.

  • Fixed a problem where some photos would be skipped when performing lossless JPEG rotation.

  • Exif thumbnails are now updated for Save As with the JPEG format.

  • Fixed a problem with adjusting capture date/times on Nikon NEF files.

  • IPTC Info navigates through visible items only, and it navigates through selected items only if the photo on entry is selected.

  • Added a JPEG size estimator to the Send Photos via Email dialog.

  • Brought back the (Mac) Command-Ctrl-F1 through Command-Ctrl-F9 or (Win) Ctrl+F1 through Ctrl+F9 keyboard shortcuts for filtering individual color classes.  F1 views all color classes.

  • IPTC Info navigation now makes sure that the Contact Sheet that it came from scrolls to keep the current photo visible on screen.

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Select Rotated and Select Others (invert).

  • Source and destination paths are refreshed after drag and drop copy/move to Navigator and Favorites folders.

  • Fixed several minor crop tool annoyances when cropping in zoom mode.

  • IPTC category lists with illegal UTF-8 encodings no longer hangs PM when clicking on the popup menus in the IPTC dialogs.

  • You can now select and change or select and delete items from the IPTC Stationery Lists editor when the words have illegal character sequences in them (characters replaced by '?').

  • (Mac) Fixed problems with setting Photo Mechanic as the application to launch for Image Capture.

  • (Mac) Added 'Esc' key shortcut to close FTP Progress window.

  • (Mac) Fixed problems with Color Class Filter widget when mouse is released outside the bounds of the control.

  • (Mac) Having the Favorites/Navigator pane collapsed in Contact Sheet windows no longer causes a slowdown.

  • (Win) Alt+] and Alt+[ now work as advertised in the IPTC Info dialog for Save & -> and Save & <-.
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