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Last printing of DigiGuide 4th Edition now at dealers  
Sunday, April 1, 2001 | by
Photojournalists and picture editors on the Windows platform may wish to check out Nancarrow Software's Multipic v1.0.23, a new image browser marketed by former Reuters photo boss Pat Benic. Multipic for Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT 4.0 forms the nucleus of a suite of image editing and transmission applications designed specifically for wire service and newspaper picture desk use.

The Digital
Guide 4th Edition

The book, which covers shooting, browsing, adjusting in Photoshop and transmitting digital camera photos, includes a Mac/Windows CD-ROM of sample images that accompany the text. The 4th Edition of The Digital Photojournalist's Guide was released in early summer 1999, and focuses exclusively on Kodak's line of digital SLR's aimed at photojournalists, though many of the concepts discussed apply to any digital SLR.

For more information, or to locate a dealer, please peruse the DigiGuide web page. Please note that DigiFilm Digital Imaging in Flushing, NY has been removed from the dealer list as the company has chosen not to pay a long-overdue invoice for copies of the book in stock there.

Also note that I've decided not to write a D1 or D30 update to the book. Digital camera training, editing this site and being a new Dad occupy 100% of my time these days, leaving no time for me to write a 5th Edition of The Digital Photojournalist's Guide.

Thanks to everyone who has written in, suggesting that I reconsider my decision not to write a new edition of The Digital Photojournalist's Guide. I realize that there is a need for such a book on the D1, D30 and any new digital SLR cameras coming down the pike this year. Being a one-man operation, however, means that to author another book would require that I stop on-site digital camera training for an extended period. I really enjoy providing that training, and demand for it has been high since the D1 was released. Hence the need for me to shelve book writing for the foreseeable future. Please, no more emails on this subject. As grateful as I am to receive them, my mind is made up.

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