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Mic comparison worth a listen by digital SLR video shooters  
Monday, May 31, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Digital video equipment reseller DVEStore has recently posted one of the most useful comparisons of microphones we've seen to date, especially if you're like us and need to capture voice alongside a video-capable digital SLR in noisy surroundings. Called Recording Audio in Less Than Ideal Conditions, the seven minute video features DVEStore proprietor Guy Cochran demonstrating the differences between a sampling of shotgun, hypercardioid, lavalier, headworn and dynamic mics.

Make sure the volume is up on your computer before you begin or you'll miss some of the subtle differences between the mics, and of course listening through better quality speakers or headphones will also be beneficial. That said, even though our first time through was on so-so laptop speakers, the characteristics of the mic types still came through clearly.

Sound Off: Recording Audio in Less Than Ideal Conditions by Guy Cochran (Video courtesy DVEStore)

These are the mics discussed:
Other videos by Guy Cochran and DVEStore are here.
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