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Adobe releases Camera Raw 3.4 for Photoshop CS2  
Monday, May 8, 2006 | by Rob Galbraith

Adobe today has posted v3.4 of the Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop CS2. The only listed change in the new version of the software for both Mac and Windows versions of Adobe's flagship image editor is support for the RAW files from eight additional digital cameras and backs.

The newly-supported cameras and backs are:

  • Canon EOS 30D
  • Epson R-D1s
  • Leaf Aptus 65
  • Leaf Aptus 75
  • Olympus EVOLT E-330
  • Olympus SP-320
  • Pentax *ist DL2
  • Samsung GX-1S

Camera Raw 3.4 is a free update for licensed users of Photoshop CS2 (as well as Photoshop Elements 3.0 and later). Click on one of the links below to access the download page for your platform.

Adobe DNG Converter has also been updated to v3.4. It can be downloaded in a bundle with the new version of Camera Raw:

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