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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT now shipping in the U.S.  
Thursday, March 10, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

The EOS Digital Rebel XT is now shipping, says Chuck Westfall, Director of Technical Marketing at Canon USA.

Though a few Rebel XT's went out the door late last month, says Westfall, volume shipments have commenced this week. Battery Grip BG-E3 for the new 8MP camera from Canon has also begun to ship from Canon USA's warehouses.

A quick survey of major online retailers reveals several which have the EOS Rebel XT in stock, in both black and silver finishes.

The camera is likely to be shipping in other regions outside the U.S. now as well. It's marketed as the Kiss Digital N in Japan, and as the 350D in many countries outside of North America.

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