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Light Crafts releases LightZone 2.0.6 update  
Thursday, January 4, 2007 | by Mike Sturk
Light Crafts has released LightZone 2.0.6 for Windows and Mac, an update to its Zone System-based image editing and RAW conversion software that improves the crop tool and fixes several bugs. The release notes list the following changes:

New features

  • The Crop Tool now allows user-specified, constrained aspect ratios.
Fixes (all platforms)
  • Fixed a crash when navigating some folders.
  • Fixed the White Balance tool for photos taken under fluorescent light.
  • In some cases, better preview images are now generated.
  • Fixed a bug where the browser would sometimes not show a thumbnail for a photo if it was the only photo in its folder.
  • Saving your work as a multipage TIFF image now correctly includes the tool stack as part of the metadata.
  • Fix a bug where deleting a selected region using either the backspace or delete keys would also delete all regions linked to the selected region.
  • LightZone can now correctly open and export to JPEG images having color profiles that are greater than 64K in size.
  • Fixed incorrect values shown for photometric interpretation metadata for TIFF and DNG images.
  • IPTC metadata is now correctly exported to JPEG images.
Fixes (Mac OS X only)
  • Bundles (e.g., applications, Aperture's library, etc.) no longer show up in the folder navigator.
  • If you have many color profiles installed on your computer, displaying either the save or export dialog boxes was slow. This has been fixed.
  • The interface for the Noise Reduction tool has been simplified.
Licensed users of an older version of LightZone can download the trial version of LightZone 2.0.6 to obtain the update. LightZone can be purchased for US$249.95, while the feature-reduced LightZone Retouch Edition is US$149.95, direct from Light Crafts' online store.
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