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blueSLR app updated to v1.1  
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
The blueSLR app for iOS devices has been updated to v1.1. The new release of the app that accompanies the blueSLR remote triggering and geolocation module for Nikon digital SLRs is meant to tackle a bug that results in photos being tagged with the incorrect coordinates in some locations. This is unlikely to be the last update to address the problem, however, since here in Calgary, Canada the latitude value being sent by blueSLR 1.1 to the module is still not right; the error is unchanged from v1.0.

Also, GPS Update Frequency is now configured to a default of two seconds, which should eliminate occurrences of the camera not embedding GPS data into picture files when the blueSLR system is in use and otherwise operating correctly.
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