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DxO Labs unveils new products, pricing  
Friday, February 11, 2005 | by Eamon Hickey

DxO labs has released v2.2 of Optics Pro, the company's digital image correction and enhancement program. The new version now includes DxO Raw Engine, a RAW conversion module, and it supports Adobe's DNG file format.

The company has also redesigned its pricing structure. Optics Pro v2.2 is available in two editions, Standard and Elite. The Standard edition includes Camera Body Correction Modules for most Canon and Nikon entry and mid-level dSLRs. The Elite edition includes those modules plus others for Nikon and Canon professional dSLR bodies, including the EOS 1Ds Mk II. One free Lens Correction Module is also included with either edition.

Pricing for the Standard edition is US$139 or 108 euros. The Elite edition costs US$219 or 166 euros.

DxO Labs has also announced that it has "added two major technology components to its DxO Technology Foundations". These are DxO Lighting and DxO Noise. The former "adds light to shadow areas" in images and "automatically corrects tone variations that have been digitally captured but not revealed."

DxO Noise, as the name implies, is a noise reduction methodology.

DxO Labs' press release on these two technologies does not indicate how they will be marketed or what products they might be included in. 

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