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New XQD memory card format announced by CompactFlash Association  
Monday, December 12, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
The CompactFlash Association, an industry working group that oversees the CompactFlash standard, has announced a new memory card format called XQD. The rectangular card, whose dimensions put it between CompactFlash and SD in size, has an interface to the host device that's based on the PCI Express specification and appears to be much like a smaller-scale version of Sony's SxS Pro card.

The target write speed for initial XQD cards is "125MB/sec and higher," says a press release.

This is the second all-new card format developed by the CompactFlash Association in recent years. In 2007, they announced what would ultimately become CFast, a memory card format that's roughly the same size as CompactFlash but utilizes a SATA interface rather than PATA. CFast cards are found in certain industrial applications today, but have not been adopted in digital cameras to date.

Nikon is rumored to be unveiling a digital SLR in early 2012 that will feature both CompactFlash and XQD memory slots.
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