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Einstein 640 with reworked accessory mount to start shipping tomorrow  
Thursday, January 6, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Lighting maker Paul C. Buff is poised to ship a new version of the Einstein 640 that addresses a flaw in the monolight's accessory mount, one which resulted in certain softboxes and other accessories not being held securely. Starting tomorrow, the company will begin sending out Einstein 640s with a beefier mount mechanism as well longer mounting fingers that have been reshaped for better grip.

These units will incorporate other fixes made to the innovative flash through the latter half of 2010, ones that corrected short range with PocketWizard wireless radio remotes, occasional excessive heat buildup when the modeling light was used and problems related to 220VAC operation.

Lori Smith, head of customer service at Paul C. Buff, says that backorders will begin to be filled tomorrow, while owners of early Einstein 640s (usually referred to as v1 units) are to be contacted starting next week to arrange a free swap. Owners of Einstein 640 v2s (units with the PocketWizard range, modeling light and 220VAC fixes) that also received rubber tension bands, either with the flash or separately later, will hear from Paul C. Buff customer service too in the weeks ahead.

Smith indicates that customers in each of the three groups - backorders, v1 owners and v2 rubber banders - will be contacted in order based on their date of purchase, and cautions that the sheer volume of backorders to be filled and replacements to be shipped means it will be several weeks or more before everyone in the latter two groups have been contacted and the overall backlog has been cleared.

Colour temperature consistency and crisp freezing of motion are the signature features of the Einstein 640, which was announced in October 2009 and first shipped in April 2010. Other features include worldwide power compatibility, full power recycle time of 1.7 seconds, 2.5-640ws range in 1/10-stop increments, digital controls and compatibility with the Cyber Commander wireless control system (this requires the optional CSXCV transceiver) as well as the upcoming PocketWizard PowerMC2 module. We reviewed the Einstein 640 in July 2010.

Revision History
January 7, 2010: Clarified information about which Einstein owners will be contacted.

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