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Nikon-compatible Phottix Odin TTL flash triggering system ships tomorrow  
Monday, June 18, 2012 | by Rob Galbraith
Phottix has announced that Nikon-compatible versions of the Odin TTL flash trigger are about to ship. The 2.4GHz wireless TTL system, which has been available for Canon since September of last year, is comprised of a four-channel, three-group on-camera transmitter plus a receiver module for Nikon Speedlights.

Trigger Happy: Odin for Nikon (Photo courtesy Phottix)

Odin offers four operating channels and can wirelessly trigger and adjust up to three groups of remote Nikon flashes. The transmitter's interface is very similar to the Nikon SU-800, as is the process of selecting a group and then changing its operating mode and output setting.

Operating modes include TTL with adjustable per-group flash exposure compensation and manual power level control (in 1/3-stop increments). Each group can be turned off as well. Nikon FP Sync is supported, as is rear curtain sync. The zoom position of the remote flash head can be adjusted automatically based on lens focal length at that moment, or manually from the transmitter. Range is said to be 100 metres or more. The Odin transmitter can also trigger flashes connected to Phottix Strato and Strato II Multi receivers, though without the benefit of remote output control.

An Odin set comprised of a transmitter/receiver pair is US$350 when purchased direct from Phottix in Hong Kong. Additional receivers are US$145. The company is accepting orders now through its online store, with shipping slated to begin tomorrow. Odin for Nikon will also be available from retailers that carry Phottix products.
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