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Version 4.5.5 firmware for Kodak DCS Pro 14n posted  
Friday, March 12, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

Kodak has posted version v4.5.5 of the firmware for the DCS Pro 14n. Kodak's web site notes the following changes:

    • Adjusted automatic lens type selection for some lenses.
    • Restored Portuguese language to the Language menu.
    • Improved language translations.
    • Fixed compatibility issue with Kodak 256MB CF card with Taiwan edge stamp.
    • Improved CF card read speed when using DCS Camera Manager.
    • Longer Exposure mode, Mirror Prerelease and Imager Clean now function properly when meter off time is set to never.
    • Imager clean now requires a charged battery.
    • Fixed continuous flashing card slots red LED when using DCS Camera Manager.
    • Fixed Secure erase feature when using the SD card slot.
    • Added warning message on DCS Pro14n 256mb model when attempting to capture with the combination of Raw+Jpeg+Longer exposure.
    • Removed inadvertent display of brightness value in Photo Desk image information.
    • Fixed an intermittent capture error when capturing with 3.4MP raw files.
    • Fixed a display refresh issue when using the serial in status screen.
    • Fixed intermittent screen blanking when using the Secure Erase feature.
    • Adjusted default noise reduction defaults for RAW (DCR) files when opened in Photo Desk.
    • Fixed issue where back light on rear status LCD would intermittently remain on.Fixed issue where image numbering resets when changing user modes.
    • Fixed bug when using serial out mode.
    • Fixed issue where Nav+ location indicator would encroach into folder name at the beginning of Nav+ bar.
    • Fixed issue when multiple zoom mode boxes (ROI BOX) would appear on LCD display when using the NAV+ button in zoom mode.

Free registration is required to download the update.

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