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Washington Post: David Burnett reflects on an iconic moment missed  
Monday, June 18, 2012 | by Eamon Hickey
The Washington Post has posted an interesting and sensitively written article by David Burnett who remembers the day that Associated Press photographer Nick Ut made his famous "napalm girl" image during the Vietnam War. 

Burnett, then 25 and a stringer for Time and Life magazines, was in the same location at the same time but was delayed by about 30 seconds while reloading film into his Leica. He missed the telling moment that Ut captured, which became one of the most iconic images ever made of war's terrible effects on civilians and innocent bystanders.

The Post story includes a few previously unpublished pictures that Burnett shot that day and also a picture taken in 2004 of Ut and the adult Kim Phuc, the little girl in Ut's picture who was nine years old when she was caught in the napalm attack. 

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