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Canon releases firmware update for EOS 40D  
Tuesday, April 8, 2008 | by Rob Galbraith
Canon has released firmware v1.0.8 for the EOS 40D .

The firmware update page lists the following changes.

What has been changed in verson 1.0.8 of the firmware?

It includes the following improvements and fixes:

Fixes a phenomenon in which Image Stabilization operation emits a sound when certain buttons are pressed, with the EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS lens attached to the camera.
When pressing the shutter button halfway down or pressing the AF-ON button, the IS operation sound is normal. (This phenomenon will not affect the durability of IS unit parts)

Fixes a phenomenon in which the Image Stabilization operation emits a sound from the lens when IS lenses are attached to the camera.

Fixes a phenomenon in which a part of the image looks unnatural when reviewed on the LCD.
Depending on the color of the background, the edges of some objects in the image may appear to have a jagged edge and look unnatural. (Even if the image played back on the camera's LCD is affected by this phenomenon, the actual image data is not affected.)

Corrects errors in the Spanish and Norwegian menu screens.

In the metering timer setting of the Live View Function setting, the units for 10 and 30 minutes are in singular form "minuto"; they have been corrected to "minutos".

Picture Style was described as "Bildetype"; it has been corrected to "Bildestil".

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