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Apple introduces MacBook with Intel Core Duo processor  
Tuesday, May 16, 2006 | by Rob Galbraith

Apple has completed the transition of its laptop line to Intel processors.

The MacBook, introduced today, features an Intel Core Duo processor running at 1.83GHz or 2.0GHz, 13.3 inch, 1280 x 800 pixel glossy-surface display, up to 120GB hard drive, up to 2GB RAM, CD burning Combo drive or CD/DVD burning SuperDrive, integrated graphics (Intel GMA 950, 64MB RAM) with DVI (plus S-video and VGA via adapters), Airport Wi-Fi (802.11b/g), Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, Gigabit Ethernet, two USB 2.0 ports, one FireWire 400 port, analog/digital audio, MagSafe power connector, built-in iSight video camera and included Apple Remote for the bundled Front Row multimedia software.

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Two Tone: The white and black shells of the Apple MacBook (Photo courtesy Apple)

It does not have a card slot (either PC Card or ExpressCard), FireWire 800 port or internal modem (though it is compatible with the external Apple USB Modem).

The MacBook is 1.08 inches (2.75 cm) high,12.78 inches (32.5 cm) wide and 8.92 inches (22.7 cm) deep. It weighs 5.2 pounds (2.36 kg). There are three MacBook configurations, two of which have a white exterior and one that's clad in black. As of this writing, the U.S. online Apple Store shows relatively short wait times for all three configurations.

Apple has also upped the processor speeds in the standard configurations of the 15 inch MacBook Pro. The lower-cost configuration now includes a 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo (up from 1.83GHz) and the more expensive configuration now ships standard with a 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo (up from 2.0GHz). In addition, the company has added a glossy display surface option to its 15 inch and 17 inch MacBook Pro models.

A Macworld article has additional information about the MacBook. A notebook comparison chart shows the specification differences across both MacBook and MacBook Pro models. The MacBook replaces both the iBook and 12 inch Powerbook in Apple's laptop line.

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