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Noise Ninja Photoshop plug-in ready for purchase  
Friday, December 3, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

While the Photoshop plug-in version of PictureCode Noise Ninja for Mac OS X and Windows remains in late beta release, it's now possible to purchase a license and receive a permanent registration key for the software.

The company has had enough requests for permanent keys that they've chosen to offer the beta version of the Photoshop plug-in for sale now (version 2 of the standalone application shipped in July 2004).

Why? A number of users of the beta version of the powerful noise reduction software have incorporated it into their daily workflow, says PictureCode's Jim Christian, and are ready to forego the re-entering of a new beta registration key every week or two. Given that the current Beta 4b release of the Photoshop plug-in is stable and useful in its current form, says Christian, it was decided that sales would begin now, ahead of the official release.  

That official release will come once several planned features are implemented, including automatic profile loading, noise profile annotation and support for Photoshop Actions. These features are not in Beta 4b.

The Photoshop plug-in, like its standalone counterpart, will be available in a Pro version or featured-reduced Home version. Pro will be capable of processing both 8-bits per colour and 16-bits per colour photos, will use multiple processors when present on the computer for quicker processing and will be Actions-aware; Home will be restricted to 8-bits per colour photos, will use only a single processor even on mulitiple processor computers and will not be Actions-savvy.

Noise Ninja Photoshop plug-in (Beta 4b)

Version Beta 4b of the plug-in currently available for download will be roughly akin to the Pro version when it's finalized. Except that Actions support hasn't yet been implemented.

Beta releases of the Photoshop plug-in will continue to be available at no charge; a beta registration code found on the beta download page must be entered into the software to make it fully functional.

PictureCode is now offering 4 different Noise Ninja purchase options:

  • Noise Ninja Pro Photoshop plug-in/standalone application bundle - US$80
  • Noise Ninja Pro standalone application - US$70
  • Noise Ninja Home Photoshop plug-in/standalone application bundle - US$44
  • Noise Ninja Home standalone application - US$35

In addition, registered users of the standalone application of either the Home or Pro version of Noise Ninja can upgrade to the applicable Photoshop plug-in bundle for US$10.

During the remainder of the Noise Ninja Photoshop plug-in beta period it will remain free to use for those who choose not to register it now. Permanent keys issued to purchasers of a Photoshop plug-in bundle will work for all subsequent betas and the final release too. The final release of the Photoshop plug-in is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2005, says Christian.

For more information on Noise Ninja, see Noise Ninja v2.0 for Mac and Windows nearing release.

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