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Canon telling EOS 40D owners to expect Camera Raw fix soon  
Friday, November 9, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith
Customers calling in to Canon USA's customer support centre this week are being advised that an upcoming firmware update for the EOS 40D will fix an incompatibility between that camera's RAW CR2 files and Adobe's Camera Raw plug-in, Photoshop Lightroom and DNG Converter software.
The incompatibility - which prevents the CR2 files from being processed - apparently affects only EOS 40D bodies with  firmware v1.0.4 inside, and v1.0.4 only recently supplanted v1.0.3 as the firmware being installed at the factory. Version 1.0.4 has not been made available for download from a Canon website, so only newer cameras, and those who may have had the firmware installed during a service visit, are impacted by this.
The new firmware, presumably to be called v1.0.5 or higher, is expected to be released for download by the end of November 2007. More information on the problem, and a link to a utility that purportedly corrects the incompatibility by altering the metadata in v1.0.4 CR2 files, is in this forum thread.
Note that the incompatibility, and Canon's upcoming fix for it, will restore the compatibility of EOS 40D full-resolution RAW CR2 files with Adobe's various RAW processing tools. Canon's firmware change will not make EOS 40D sRAW CR2 files open in Adobe software; for that to happen, Adobe must update their software to explicitly support sRAW from this camera.
Silkypix Developer Studio has also been impacted by the change in firmware v1.0.4 EOS 40D CR2 files. Ichikawa Soft Laboratory, the maker of this application, has today released v3.0.14.1 (Mac)/v3.0.14.2 (Windows), a beta version of the RAW conversion software that fixes the problem.
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