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CF/SD Performance Database Archive - Continued

November 1, 2004: The SLR/n section of the database is no longer being updated, as we no longer have access to this camera.

Secure Digital (SD) Write Speed - Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n (Firmware Version 5.0.1)

 The data in the table below was derived by timing how long it took the Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n to write out 10 RAW .DCR photos to the card. Timing commenced when the camera's card status light illuminated, and stopped when the light went out. Each test cycle was performed 3 times (if the card's capacity allowed for that) to ensure accurate results.

Card-to-card speed variation within the same brand and model, photographing scenes of varying detail and at different ISO settings - these and other factors may slightly alter write speed performance. As a result, write speed differences of 5% or less from card to card in the table below should be considered insignificant. If one card's write speed is within 5% of another's, the two cards are likely to offer effectively the same performance in the real world. Similarly, it's unlikely that most photographers would notice a difference between the fastest card and one that was up to 10% slower (in reality, all SD cards feel ultra-slow in this camera, owing to significant speed limitations in its write interface).

The DCS Pro SLR/n includes its own write speed tester built into the camera. It reports throughput to the CompactFlash slot only, however, not to the SD slot, so the data reported in the table below is from our own standard test method only.

Note: The number of (SD) cards benchmarked will be expanding, as we identify and gather more cards suitable for use in the DCS Pro SLR/n. The table below shows the results with the first small batch of cards we assembled to assess the viability of this format in this camera. So far, it looks like the SLR/n's SD write interface is slow, since the SD cards tested are capable of much greater throughput than the data shows.

The results are arranged in the table below from fastest to slowest. The top 10% are marked in blue.

SD Brand and Model
(Card Identifier)1
Key Components Source2
Date Added or Updated
Write Speed -
Sandisk Extreme 512MB
(Rear label: AX0311PN CHINA
Sandisk Ultra II 512MB
(Rear label: AX0401PN CHINA)
(60X label on packaging)
unknown 2004/5/24 1.196MB/sec
Delkin PRO 512MB
(Front label: DDSDPRO-512-R2)
(1) To help determine whether the card you purchase is substantially similar to the one tested, the card's description includes an identifier - series number, internal name or other unique value - where possible and applicable.
(2) Many companies sell SD media; relatively few actually design and manufacture the key internal components, including the controller and flash memory. This column lists the manufacturer of the controller.
(3) K/sec = Kilobytes per second (1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes); MB/sec = Megabytes per second (1 megabyte = 1024 kilobytes).
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