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A first look at Nikon D2H image quality - Continued

All D2H, D1H and D1X photos on this page originated as uncompressed NEF files. They have been processed for publication here using a release version of Nikon Capture 4.

Full-resolution photos for downloading have been saved as JPEGs using the Save for Web function of Photoshop CS, at a quality level of 95-98 with optimized enabled and the appropriate ICC profile embedded. Complete shooting/processing information can be found in the Caption field of full-resolution photos. Full-resolution photos have not been sharpened.

Reduced resolution photos have been converted to sRGB for viewing in your web browser.

Note: These photos are for personal viewing and printing only. They may not be republished in any form without the permission of the copyright holder; this includes the posting of photos downloaded from this page onto another server. If you would like to use any of the photos here, please contact us directly.

Nikon D2H compared to the D1H and D1X

The photos below demonstrate that the D2H is definitely from the Nikon family. The goalie photos show similar colour and tone, while the ultra-warm fluorescent photo at bottom, when corrected using our tried-and-true combo of flash gels and a Preset WB in this lighting, works extremely well, showing only a slight redness in the face that's typical of how the D1X and D1H respond too when the existing illumination is warm and weird.

But there are fundamental differences also. The portrait photographed with both the D2H and D1X shows a welcome jump in saturation in the D2H version, despite the fact that the two were shot and processed identically, including the use of Color Mode II, Less Contrast and a Preset WB. The same is true of the fluorescent scene in which we've let the background go warm and weird; the D2H version has more colour snap, and is the version we prefer.

Nikon D2H, ISO 1600 (Full-Res)

Nikon D1H, ISO 1600 (Full-Res)

Nikon D2H, ISO 200 (Full-Res)

Nikon D1H, ISO 200 (Full-Res)

Nikon D2H, ISO 200 (Full-Res)

Nikon D1X, ISO 200 (Full-Res)

Nikon D2H, ISO 200 (Full-Res)

Nikon D1X, ISO 200 (Full-Res)

Nikon D2H, ISO 200, Gels + Preset WB

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