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Nikon unveils 12.21MP D2X digital SLR - Continued

Nikon D2X

The Nikon D2X, Wireless Transmitter WT-2/2a and Capture 4.2 are all slated to ship in January 2005. Pricing has not been set in the US on any of the newly-announced products, though the D2X is expected to sell initially in roughly the US$5000+ range. Nikon USA, and perhaps other regions as well, will lock down the cost to dealers about 30 days from delivery, at which time a firmer street price should emerge.

A NE Online article indicates that Nikon is planning to manufacture 8000 D2X cameras a month. Working models of the D2X are expected to make their first major public appearance at the Photokina 2004 trade show later this month in Cologne, Germany.

Nikon D2X Links

  • Nikon Imaging (information, press release and 6-page PDF brochure)
  • Nikon USA (information, PDF brochure and details about the WT-2/2a)
  • Nikon Canada (information, including specifications)
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