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An analysis of EOS-1D Mark III autofocus performance - Continued
November 16, 2007: Canon USA updates sub-mirror fix announcement
Canon USA has updated its EOS-1D Mark III sub-mirror fix announcement to include a list of camera serial numbers that are within the affected serial number range but do in fact have a properly-functioning sub-mirror mechanism.
These bodies, 3450 in all, have serial numbers as low as 504234 and as high as 546557, which puts them within the 501001 to 546561 range various Canon sales companies made public starting in late-October.
While the broad range of serial numbers would suggest the 3450 cameras were manufactured on varying dates going back several months, such is not the case, says Chuck Westfall, Director of Media and Customer Relationship at Canon USA. Every one of the 3450 units, says Westfall, was built after Canon implemented the sub-mirror improvement during the manufacturing stage at the factory in Japan. That happened in early October 2007.
He further stresses that the 3450 EOS-1D Mark IIIs are not refurbished and are in fact all factory new, with the obvious implication being that Canon doesn't always build the camera with sequentially-higher serial numbers or that are even in numeric order at times. That said, EOS-1D Mark III bodies whose serial numbers are higher than 546561 all do contain the sub-mirror improvement, says Westfall, which is consistent with what Canon has previously stated.
Canon Australia has also updated their sub-mirror fix announcement with a link to the same list of 3450 bodies.
Thanks to Bartek Podkowa for bringing this to our attention.
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