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An analysis of EOS-1D Mark III autofocus performance - Continued
December 11, 2007: A glimpse at Canon USA repair paperwork
Max Simbron, a photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona, received one of his two EOS-1D Mark IIIs back early this week after Canon USA completed the sub-mirror repair (the other is due back shortly). He forwarded to us scanned copies of the paperwork that came with the returned camera, including his repair request form, the notice describing the work done and a letter from Canon USA stating that the warranty on the body has been extended by a full year from the date the repair was completed.
The paperwork, with personal identifying information blanked out, is below. Canon USA began accepting EOS-1D Mark IIIs for the replacement of a part in the sub-mirror mechanism a little over a week ago. Simbron shipped his cameras to Canon USA's dedicated repair facility on December 4.
Docs: The paperwork returned with photographer Max Simbron's Canon EOS-1D Mark III
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