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An analysis of EOS-1D Mark III autofocus performance - Continued
November 1, 2007: Canon USA, Europe and Canada on EOS-1D Mark III sub-mirror fix
Joining the chorus of Canon sales companies revealing the details of their upcoming EOS-1D Mark III sub-mirror repair programs are Canon USA, Canon Europe, Canon Canada and probably several other locales we haven't yet stumbled upon.
Here's a rundown of the Canon USA plan, including details not found on the Canon USA information page:
Canon USA intends to begin taking in cameras from U.S. and Puerto Rico-based EOS-1D Mark III owners towards the end of November 2007. The sub-mirror fix, which is designed to correct AI Servo focus inaccuracy in high temperatures in particular, will be performed free of charge for owners of cameras whose serial number is between 501001 and 546561. Shipping information is to be posted at about the time Canon USA's factory service centres are ready to begin doing the repair. Canon USA will cover the cost of shipping to and from the customer, as well as the cost of the repair. Repaired cameras are likely to be marked in some way to indicate the sub-mirror fix has been done, says Chuck Westfall, Director of Media and Customer Relationship at Canon USA.
Shipments to dealers of the EOS-1D Mark III have not been suspended, says Westfall, and while dealers in the U.S. are expected to have relatively few units on their shelves that fall within the affected range, those that do are being asked to return those bodies to Canon USA.
Any bodies currently being shipped to dealers in the USA, says Westfall, already contain the fix and have a serial number outside the range noted above. In fact, he says, any EOS-1D Mark IIIs that shipped from the factory since early in October 2007 to Canon sales companies globally - including the USA - already contain the sub-mirror fix. It's a safe bet that dealers around the world have been receiving fixed bodies into their inventory since roughly mid-October, though various factors mean that some dealers will have started receiving fixed bodies sooner than that, and others later than that. In the USA, and perhaps elsewhere, the box containing a fixed EOS-1D Mark III will have a round blue sticker on the UPC code label.
Westfall also notes that fixed EOS-1D Mark III bodies that Canon USA is receiving from the factory have firmware v1.1.0 loaded (the same as has been installed in shipping cameras for some time), and that while Canon is always evaluating the possibility of new firmware, they are not announcing a firmware update for the EOS-1D Mark III at this time.
Canon USA themselves will not be accepting directly or authorizing dealers to accept returns or do exchanges of cameras whose serial number is within the range eligible for the sub-mirror fix, says Westfall. Canon USA is also not planning to offer a loaner body while the repair is being done.
If an EOS-1D Mark III bought recently falls with a dealer's grace period for returning newly-purchased products, then the photographer may be able to take it back, but that would be a matter handled exclusively by the dealer, Canon USA would not be involved, says Westfall.
The EOS-1Ds Mark III will ship from the outset with a properly-functioning sub-mirror, and its release schedule has not been impacted, he says. It's on track to ship later this month.
Canon Europe's web page announcement mirrors the key details of the Canon USA announcement - that European EOS-1D Mark III owners will be able to send in their camera for a no-charge sub-mirror fix towards the end of November (surf here and search for Case ID 72525 to see the Canon Europe statement).
Canon Canada's announcement is here. Canon Japan's announcement is here.
More information on the sub-mirror fix is in October 31, October 29 and October 18 updates to this article. These and other updates are accessible from the popup menu in the upper right corner of this page.
Thanks to the many photographers who wrote in with links to Canon statements and other information on the web that helped with the preparation of this article update.
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