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The DCS Pro 14n: worth the wait? - Continued

Key DCS Pro 14n Specifications

DCS Pro 14n - rear view

Resolution and Sensor
Sensor type CMOS sensor w/RGB colour filter array
Sensor size 24mm x 36mm
Actual image pixels 13.5 million
Image dimensions (highest resolution) 4500 pixels x 3000 pixels
Pixel size 8.0 microns x 8.0 microns
Maximum finished file size •38.6MB, 8 bits per colour (from in-camera JPEG or RAW .DCR)
•77.2MB, 16 bits per colour (from RAW .DCR)
Focal length conversion factor (relative to 35mm format) Approx 1.0x (no conversion required)
Low-pass filter included? No; not available as an option
ISO range 80-400 in 1/3 stop increments (as of firmware v4.1.2)
Exposure compensation +/-3 EV in 1/2 EV steps
Shooting Speed
Maximum fps 1.7 fps
Burst depth Maximum of 8 frames; upgradeable to a maximum of 18 frames at a Kodak service centre

Note: As of v4.1.2 firmware, burst depth tops out at 6 frames when the camera is set to record RAW .DCR files only. When the camera is set to record RAW and ERI-JPEG simultaneously, burst depth drops to 2 frames

Buffer size 256MB; 512MB after upgrading
Shutter lag - camera awake, manual focus 127 ms (.127 second)
Shutter lag - camera asleep unknown
Top shutter speed 1/4000
Top flash sync speed (standard flash mode, dedicated flash) 1/125
AF System •Nikon Multi-CAM900
•5-point AF; centre focus point is cross-type
Image Storage
Storage media •CompactFlash slot; compatible with CompactFlash Type I/II, including Microdrive
•MMC/SD slot (not enabled as of firmware version 4.1.2)
File formats •RAW
Support for FAT32 file system? Yes
Computer 400mbps FireWire (maximum transfer rate less than 4MB/sec as of firmware v4.1.2 and DCS Camera Manager 3.0)
Voice annotation? Yes
Video out? Yes; NTSC and PAL
Exposure and Image Processing
Matrix metering? Yes; 10-segment 3D Matrix Metering
Flash metering D-TTL (5-segment TTL; compatible with Nikon DX-series Speedlites)
WB settings

•Custom WB
•Auto WB
•Set colour temperature in 100K increments

Colour space •JPEG; sRGB only
•RAW; user-selectable output colour space in Photo Desk 3.0
Camera Body and Power Source
Dimensions (W x H x D) 131 x 158 x 89 mm / 5.2 x 6.2 x 3.5 inches
Weight 907 g / 32 oz., without memory card and battery
Battery Removable, rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Number of shots unknown

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