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An analysis of EOS-1D Mark III autofocus performance - Continued
August 29, 2007: Beta firmware being seeded to certain photographers
Taking Point: Canon EOS-1D Mark III production model (firmware v1.1.1 beta) + EF 300mm f/2.8L IS, ISO 200, 1/320, f/3.5, Elinchrom Style 600 S strobes (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)
Since the weekend, Canon technicians have been installing beta firmware v1.1.1 into the EOS-1D Mark IIIs of photographers covering the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Osaka, Japan.
Several shooters have written us to say that Canon staff on site are advising photographers that the firmware is meant to improve AI Servo autofocus and a rare instance of the camera not firing.
This is consistent with the message being delivered to EOS-1D Mark III owners who call in to Canon's customer care centre in the U.S this week: that the beta firmware does exist, it's meant to improve the stability of AI Servo autofocus, it's being made available to professional photographers on a trial basis and that when the beta test is complete there will be a public release of new firmware for download via Canon's websites.
There's no word yet as to when the new EOS-1D Mark III firmware will be released, or what if any other changes may be rolled in before it's made officially available.
We're going to hold off writing about this firmware update until it's out of beta.
We're also still waiting on the report that Canon agreed to deliver, detailing the results of their investigation in Japan of our claims of significant autofocus problems in the EOS-1D Mark III.
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