Processing Notes
All full resolution downloadable pictures were taken with cameras set to capture CR2s. The CR2s were processed into JPEGs in Canon Digital Photo Professional with Sharpening set to 3, then run through a Photoshop script that superimposed the active AF point(s) on the frame, so you can see where the point of focus should be.

Important viewing tips:
  • The sequences have been selected not because they're portfolio-quality photos, but because they're representative of the autofocus traits of the cameras described in this article update. Note that these pictures haven't been adjusted in any way other than sharpening, and in some cases the colour and brightness would have benefited from some editing work. In other words, please judge focus in these pictures, but try not to get hung up on image quality if you see colour or contrast that isn't quite right.

  • To have a proper look at more than a small handful of the downloadable photos, view them in a browser like Photo Mechanic that enables you to display big pictures rapidly at full resolution. Key shooting information is in the Caption field, as well as on the upper left corner of the photo itself.
These photos are for personal viewing and printing only. They may not be republished in any form without the permission of the copyright holder. This includes the posting of these photos onto another server.
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